Project Use It Up 2017 {Intro}

Hello There!

For this project, I’ve selected 17 beauty products (non-makeup) that I aim to finish up by the end of the year. Most of these products that I have chosen will go quickly, so I may make this a perpetual project and add more products as my current ones dwindle down. We will just see how it goes!

The goal of this project is to vastly minimize the collection of beauty products that I have. During this project, I will have a STRICT no-buy rule. The only products I will allow myself to buy are those that I “need”. I will not purchase any new “like” items just for the sake of buying. For example, I have 3 deodorants…I will not buy another deodorant until all 4 of those are used up.

Let’s start off with all of the full products I’ve picked. Honestly, I have a hoard of Bath and Body Works lotions and shower gels but I picked matching sets and ‘summer scents’ to kick off this project with. I also threw in my self-tanning lotions so I can encourage myself to reach for them more often than I do (which is usually never, honestly).


Below are the used lotions and shower gel. I’ve marked each product with a line to show where I am at currently. Lotions never seem to last me long, so i’m thinking that these products will be the firsts to go. The shower gels tend to move a little more slowly, but we will see how this goes. I’m keeping all three of these shower gels in my shower so that I can alternate between them.

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I went on a mask buying bender that i’m not too proud of! The worst part about it is that I bought the Tony Moly ones around Christmas time last year and I’ve only used 2 or 3 of them. We can blame it on being busy and not having a lot of down time, but now that I’ve graduated college…I can’t use “no free time” as an excuse anymore. So let’s toast to more self care and ‘me’ time! I added all of my masks to this project and they are counting as 2 of my 17 products.


Though I did not buy this Mary Kay Satin Hands kit for myself, I have had it since Christmas and I haven’t even touched it. I have enjoyed using these in the past so this is my motivation to get some use out of them! I’m counting this set as 1 product.


The last of my products for this project are the boring hygiene ones. I have a mouth wash that I hardly use, and 2 deodorants I’d like to work through. My experience with the Tom’s brand has not been great, so it may end up getting decluttered!

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So here is a quick list of my 17 items for my Project Use It Up 2017:

  1. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream shower gel
  2. B&BW Pretty as a Peach shower gel
  3. B&BW Tahiti Island Dream shower gel
  4. B&BW Pretty as a Peach body lotion
  5. B&BW Pretty as a Peach 3x moisture lotion
  6. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream 3x moisture lotion
  7. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream body mist
  8. Jergan’s Natural Glow body lotion
  9. Jergan’s Natural Glow face lotion
  10. Equate Healthy Glow moisturizer
  11. Nivea Creme
  12. Tom’s Fresh Apricot deodorant
  13. Secret Lavender deodorant
  14.  Thera Breath oral rinse
  15. Mary Kay Satin Hands set
  16. Tony Moly sheet masks
  17. Freeman Peel-Off masks

I’ll be doing monthly updates on this project to show my progress! Talk to you soon!

Shai ♥

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