Pan That Palette 2017 {Intro}

Hello there!

In attempt to get a jump start on minimizing my makeup collection, I have decided to start a Pan That Palette project. For this project I have chosen the Tarte 2013 Holiday palette. This is one of my first high-end palettes and I hardly reach for it anymore. Having the objective of using up an entire palette seem daunting to be honest, but I know that if I focus I will be able to get some good use out of it.

Below is a picture of my starting point. As you can see, I have pan on the two lightest shades (Ideal Ivory and Buttercream Frosting) but there are a lot of shadows that have hardly been touched. With this project, I’d like to experiment with new looks and step out of my comfort zone a little. I tend to stick with light shades all over the lid with the occasional brown as an outer corner or crease color. This palette isn’t too loud so it will be a good transition into using more colors in my eye looks.


Comment below and tell me what your first make up palette was! Do you still use it?

See you next month with an update of my progress! Talk to you soon!

Shai ♥