More Than Just Makeup…

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Recently, I’ve decided to declutter my life and get rid of all of the excess ‘stuff’. You can read through that post here.  I wanted to start off with my makeup and beauty products because I was inspired by the idea of a Project Pan! My makeup collection is way more than I could ever use and I put myself on a special set of ‘no buy’ rules. Since starting my panning projects, i want to apply that train of thought to the rest of my space. So, I’m going to go from room to room and toss or donate anything that I haven’t used since I’ve been in this apartment (almost a year).

It’s crazy to actually sit back and look at all of the things and ‘stuff’ you own. I quickly realized lot of things I own have absolutely no purpose, I have no use for them, and they don’t bring me joy anymore…yet I still hang on to them.

I started with my closet this past week. Clothes are the easiest things for me to get rid of. I don’t have much fashion sense and I don’t invest much time or money into clothing. It took me a day or 2 but I finally got to a place where I feel less cluttered. So far, I’ve tossed out a lot and I’ve also filled 3 trash bags with things to donate.

Here are a few guidelines I used for myself:

  • If it doesn’t fit me RIGHT NOW…donate. I have a bad habit of talking myself into keeping things by saying “Well, I’ll fit it eventually”. Then it just sits and sits and before I know it…it’s been a year since I’ve even looked at it.
  • If it’s not my style RIGHT NOW…donate. This is the same thing I do with the fit… “Oh, I’ll wear this sometime..maybe for this occasion or that”. I never do. Just because I loved something at one point, doesn’t mean I have to love it forever.
  • If its worn or stained, toss it! 
  • Just because it was ‘expensive’ doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever. Some times it’s hard for me to part with things because at the time I may have spent a lot of money on it. But the fact of the matter is…the money is already spent.
  • Not everything has to be sentimental. I’m so guilty of holding on to things so that I can look back and have memories. IT’S JUST STUFF.
  • It is okay to get rid of gifts! If you’re not wearing that dress, or using that purse…pass it on. The gifting and receiving already happened.

There are a lot of “maybe” items that I kept, but I’ve been making an effort to wear different outfits and put things together to see if they work for me. I tend to get in a rut of wearing the same rotation of outfits but it’s time to make a conscious effort to change and utilize my entire closet. I have a few Staples that I ALWAYS reach for, but I think it’s time for me to branch out a little more. Doing this will help me sort through my closet and make some final decisions on what I actually want to keep.


Do you have a lot of seasonal clothing? Do you swap out your wardrobe when the weather changes or do you keep all of your clothing accessible all year round?

Thank you for reading, talk to you soon!

Shai ♥

5 Replies to “More Than Just Makeup…”

  1. I live in New England. You never know what the weather will be like. I keep my clothes in my walk in year round, so I don’t have to dig through a box for a sweater in the middle of summer and it’s 40 degrees out in the morning. I’ve decluttered a lot of my clothes that I had been holding onto and wasn’t reaching for. I needed to buy a few new things because some how I ended up with barely any blouses.

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    1. I keep mine all year round as well. Florida weather is unpredictable​ plus I work in an office that is freezing most of the time! I feel like I need to buy a few things too, but I want to make sure they’re going to be things I’ll actually want to wear all of the time. I have a bad habit of buying things that are too occasional, so they just sit until ” the right time” to wear them.

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    1. Just start with the things you never where (I bet they never leave the dresser or closet lol) I just get rid of a couple pieces here and there so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming! A huge overhaul always seems daunting!


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