Project Use It Up 2017 {Update #1}

Hi There!

This month seems to have flown by! And to be honest, I thought that I would go through a lot more stuff than I did. Some of it I forgot about, and others just have some slow progress. But then again, it’s only been one month so I can’t get too discouraged yet! Let me start with sharing the things I finished up or ended up decluttering…

The first product I finished was the B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream shower gel and I’m honestly sad to see it go. This scent is definitely one of my favorites from B&BW. I finally used up one of my sheet masks and I forgot how much I enjoy them. This one was the Vitality Broccoli mask and left my skin feeling nice and smooth. The last product that I used up was the Secret Lavender deodorant. This is by far my favorite deodorant and I’ve already repurchased this same scent.


I’ve decluttered the Tom’s deodorant like I said that I was considering when I was writing the Intro. The Tangerine scent just is not that pleasant to me and it definitely doesn’t smell very good on sweaty arm pits! (lol). Tom’s seems to only be effective if you reapply very often and it is not an antiperspirant which is a MUST in this hot and humid Florida weather. No time for weak deodorant!

Next up are the products that I haven’t touched yet. The Jergan’s Natural Glow face lotion and the Equate Healthy Glow moisturizer are still on the sidelines while I work on my other Jergan’s lotion. I also haven’t touched my Mary Kay Satin Hands kit. I need to work this into my night routine…but first I need a night routine (lol)!

Okay, now on to the progress pictures…

My lotions have been moving quickly like I thought they would and I even used my self-tanning lotion a few times! I’m trying to get in the habit of using it on my legs when I wear dresses. The B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream 3x moisture lotion is ALMOST empty. There is probably one more use in the tube then I get the satisfaction of throwing it out! The first line I drew has worn off, but in the beginning of this project the product was near the top of the tube. I ended up taking the B&BW Pretty as a Peach body lotion to work to use as a hand lotion at my desk. Keeping it at work should really help my progress with this one. The Nivea Creme has only been used a couple of times on my cuticles in the morning. I’ve actually moved this to my purse today so I can be sure to not forget about it. It’s size makes it good for “on the go”.



Since I finished up one of the shower gels, I’m making some decent progress on my other 2 in this project. I’m honestly getting a little tired of the B&BW Pretty as a Peach scent so I’ve been leaning more towards the B&BW Tahiti Island Dream this month.

I’ve been making some good progress with my B&BW body spray but I swear these things last FOREVER no matter how often you use them! Moving on to the masks…since I haven’t developed much of a routine since I’ve graduated college, I’ve only found time to do one of my masks. Here are the ones I have left!

Last and most definitly least…the mouth wash. I can’t stand mouth wash. I might actually end up decluttering this by next month if I don’t get in the habit of reaching for it more. I’ve used it a few times but I haven’t made any significant progress.


So here is a quick list of my products:

  1. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream shower gel
  2. B&BW Pretty as a Peach shower gel
  3. B&BW Tahiti Island Dream shower gel
  4. B&BW Pretty as a Peach body lotion
  5. B&BW Pretty as a Peach 3x moisture lotion
  6. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream 3x moisture lotion
  7. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream body mist
  8. Jergan’s Natural Glow body lotion
  9. Jergan’s Natural Glow face lotion
  10. Equate Healthy Glow moisturizer
  11. Nivea Creme
  12. Tom’s Fresh Apricot deodorant
  13. Secret Lavender deodorant
  14.  Thera Breath oral rinse
  15. Mary Kay Satin Hands set
  16. Tony Moly sheet masks
  17. Freeman Peel-Off masks

What is your nighttime routine at the moment? Comment and let me know!

Thank you for reading! Talk to you soon!

Shai ♥