Drills and more drills…

Hello There!

If I’ve learned anything about calligraphy and hand lettering so far it’s that it takes TONS or repetition and practice. I’ve been doing drills a few times a week in order to get used to the motions and techniques. It’s mostly just lines, curves, and circles but it has really played a big part in learning for me.

What makes calligraphy is the thin ‘up’ strokes and the thick ‘down’ strokes. Making a smooth transition between the two is very challenging for me so these drills are a great practice and ‘warm up’ for before I start writing.

Here a couple of examples of what my drills are looking like these days using an Artist’s Loft Watercolor Dual Tip Marker.

As you can see, my drills are far from perfect. But, practice is all I need! All it takes is time! I still haven’t gotten to the point where these pen strokes feel natural to me and a have a lot of “trouble letters”. But, hey… practice makes perfect and I’m looking forward to perfection (lol).

I will be posting more progress pictures and other calligraphy related things on my Instagram. Thank you for reading!

Shai ♥