Books & Bottles

Hello There!

I started an online book club a couple of days ago with a few people on Facebook and I am really hoping it works out. One of the main components of an online book club is participation and so far the members are lacking the enthusiasm to interact. I hope once we get a book chosen and start reading that we can become a more social group. (One thing I’ve noticed over the recent years is that people love sharing their lives to be ‘social’ ….but they don’t actually want to interact to be social).

I chose Books and Bottles for the book club name. I liked the thought of having a book and wine club combo! (I love wine). I also figured it would be a fun to get together every so often to drink a few glasses and pretend to discuss the book we are reading. I’ve even thought of choosing a ‘wine of the month’ that would go along with the book we are reading. This way, when we meet up, everyone can bring a bottle of that type and we can have a little wine tasting to see which brands we like best.

To chose a book, I made a post in our group asking for suggestions on what book everyone would like to read…this also prompted some discussion about genre (thank you, Falon). After a day, I gathered the suggestions and made a poll for everyone to vote on.

Here is our list of choices:
(I’ve added links for descriptions, check them out)!

So far, I haven’t ended the voting process in hopes more people will participate over the next few days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Either way, all of our book choices seem pretty interesting and I’m ready to start reading!

What books are you currently reading?

Shai ♥️

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