Developing Style

Hey There!

I’m so excited to share this little update with you all. I’ve finally started to develop my own style when it comes to my hand lettering. I’m loving my progress so far! Here are a couple of my favorites below!


I’m still having issues with a few letters but practice always make perfect! I love using these brush pens! As you can see in the first photo, I’m starting to try to get a little fancy with my doodles. I’ve got an entire Pinterest board full of ideas to try out! You can check them out and give me a follow on Pinterest HERE.

I’d love to learn to use an actual fountain pen in the future! I guess it’s time to expand my horizons and try some new things! What hobbies have you picked up lately? Thank you so much for reading!

Shai ♥


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  1. Hi Shai, nice to meet you. I’ve been getting into lettering too. I’m working on my embellishments and I love your fancy leaf doodle. 😃


    1. Hello! Nice too meet you too. Thank you so much! Id really love to get into the wreath doodles too! Just a little too advanced for me right now. I’m not much of a drawer!

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      1. Same here with the wreaths lol I just started doodling leaves and adding things bit by bit. But I have a habit of adding too much.I have to find the balance. ☺


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