My Makeup Collection 2017: Lipsticks, Lip Liners, & Lip Balms

Hello There!

Today I’d like to share my current lip collection with you all! Since my decision to downsize my collection, I decided to take an in-depth inventory of all of my makeup and beauty products which includes price (or worth) of each product and the round about date the product was bought. In this post, I will just share the products themselves and the total worth.


  1. Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick; Lolita
  2. Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick; Saint
  3. Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick; Damned
  4. Bite Beauty; Jam
  5. Bite Beauty; Beetroot
  6. Too Faced Liquid Lipstick; Melted Nude
  7. Too Faced Liquid Lipstick; Melted Fuchsia
  8. Too Faced Liquid Lipstick; Melted Berry
  9. Tarte Lip Crème; Nurturing
  10. Tarte Lip Crème; Wonder
  11. Tarte Lip Crème; Promise
  12. Maybelline Color Blur; Berry Misbehaved
  13. Maybelline Color Blur; Plum Please
  14. Maybelline Vivid Matte; Berry Boost
  15. Maybelline Vivid Matte; Coffee Buzz
  16. Maybelline Matte; Burgandy Blush
  17. Maybelline Bold; Blackest Berry
  18. Maybelline Bold; Grey Over It
  19. Maybelline; Red Revival
  20. Loreal Pro-Matte Gloss; Statement Nude
  21. Loreal Lipstick; Velvety Fuchsia
  22. Covergirl Katy Kat Matte; Maroon Meow
  23. Revon Ultra HD Matte; Kisses
  24. RK by Kiss Matte Lip Laquer; Ruby
  25. RK by Kiss Matte Lip Laquer; Queen
  26. RK; Black Diamond
  27. Wet & Wild; Stoplight Red

Total: $280.54


Lip Liner

  1. NYX Suede Matte; Stockholm
  2. NYX Suede Matte; Copenhagen
  3. NYX Suede Matte; Downtown Beauty
  4. NYX Suede Matte; Vintage
  5. Rimmel Exaggerate; Ravish
  6. Rimmel Exaggerate; Addiction
  7. Rimmel Exaggerate; Obbsession
  8. Rimmel Exaggerate; Coffee Bean
  9. Kat Von D Everlasting; Saint

Total: $49.84


Lip Balm

  1. Mary Kay Satin Lips
  2. Chapstick; Original
  3. Chapstick; Original
  4. Chapstick; Aloha Coconut
  5. Carmex; Original
  6. Burts Bees; Original

Total: $22.00


Sitting down and actually tallying products has really put things into perspective for me. I’d like to get down to the ‘essentials’ with all of my products. Lip Products are my favorites, but I own a lot of products and formulas that I am hardly fond of.  My goals for my collection will be to have 10 lipsticks, 4 lip liners, and 2 lip balms. This is going to be a long road of project pans and decluttering! But, it will be worth it!

Overall Total: $352.38

What goals do you have for your makeup collection?

If you’d like to see more, you can check out my Project Pan 2017 updates HERE and HERE. You can also find the first part of my makeup collection (Eyeshadow Palettes) HERE.

Thank you so much for reading!

Shai ♥




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  1. I love reading collection posts, and i love the fact that oyu​ have added up the whole cost at the bottom! such a unique idea! xo


    1. Thank you so much! It really was an eye opener to actually see how much money I have sitting in my bathroom counter. Especially since a lot of it isn’t being used as much as it should be!

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  2. I have way too much makeup now! When I look at what I spent I am amazed! Lol
    Now Im trying to sell it to get rid of it!


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