Introducing Doodles

Hey there!

Since my last post Developing Style, I’ve been playing around with doodling. This one is the one that I adore! So far, the cacti are my absolute favorite to play with and I LOVE the way that this one turned out. (Ignore the totally wrong ‘W’s lol mistakes happen).


Since I feel like I’ve ‘mastered’ the cacti, I think my next goal will be to draw wreaths. I haven’t tried them out yet, because they seem a little hard, but hey…there is nothing we can’t do…right??

Follow me on Pinterest! I have loads of cute doodling and hand lettering inspiration there. What are your favorite things to doodle? Thank you so much for reading!

Shai ♥️

7 Replies to “Introducing Doodles”

  1. The cacti are very cute, and your brush lettering is really nice too. I’m a flower doodler myself, I’m teaching myself Watercolour (amongst other things). If you like, take a look through my Instagram page, I’ve posted quite a few of my doodles on there. I’ll also be posting new ones on my blog soon (I’m new to blogging). Happy crafting 🙂


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