Project Pan 2017 {Update #2}

Hey there!

I’m back with a Project Pan update! With the a few of the products, I’ve actually made some pretty good progress over the past month or so! Let’s get right into it.

First, let’s start with the products that I’ve used up or decluttered this month. I finished up the Maybelline foundation stick in the shade 220. I liked this formula and I would probably repurchase something like this in the future. The product that I’ve decided to declutter is the the Bite Beauty lipstick in the shade Jam. I really love this color, but like I’ve said, the formula has changed from being left in the heat so it is very hard to work with……it’s honestly not worth the fuss when I have other lipsticks that I enjoy using more.

So now we can get into the rest of my lip products in this project. The Loreal lipstick in Velvety Fuchsia has a lot of progress! I’ve also mad a little dent in the Mary Kay Satin Lips lip balm. My Chapstick in Aloha Coconut is still relatively untouched…shame on me. I’m sure that I say this every update…but…I NEED TO FOCUS ON LIP BALMS. Keeping them in my purse isn’t very helpful to me because I usually wear lipstick when I am out of the house. This month, I think I will try to keep one on my night stand, and one in my makeup bag and just try to make an effort to use it before I go to bed and when I wake up…and also while I am putting on my makeup.

On to the face, I am SUPER proud of my progress with the BH Cosmetics Blush Duo in Rose. I’ve hit major pan on the highlighting side and I have quite a dip in the blush. I think that I’m going to call this product ‘done’ for this project once the highlight is finished up since I have to use them together to make the blush wearable for me. I may try to depot the blush into my Z-Palette, but we will see!


Next, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Champagne Gold has come a long a little bit, I haven’ worn as much this month, but I am confident that I can get through this in the next couple of months! The Urban Decay One & Done has made a lot of progress this month too! Recently, I’ve noticed that it’s a little too dark for me…but that just tells me that I need to get out in the sun a little bit more! The Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Primer is moving slowly and I am starting to realize that my skin is a lot more dry than I’ve realized.

Last but not least, eye shadows! My Tarte 2013 Bow & Go Holiday Palette is moving right along! You can check out my Pan That Palette 2017 updates HERE, HERE, and HERE. I also haven’t touched the single shadows in this project. I think I am going to give them one more change (give me one more chance lol). After the next update, I’ll decide if I should go ahead and declutter them or not.

So far, this project has taught me a lot about my own habits and about things and habits that I should be working on. I’ve only finished up a few products, but decluttering is just as productive to me. I don’t believe in wasting time on using things that you hate.

What are you currently panning? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!

Shai ♥



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  1. I love reading project pan posts! Great job on that BH cosmetics duo, finally hitting pan is a great feeling. I finally hit pan on my pixi rose gold blush/highlight duo and I was so happy, I’ve been trying to finish it all season 😊


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