Project Use It Up 2017 {Update #3}

Hello There!

Over the past month or so, I feel like I have made a lot of progress with these products! I’m kind of surprised because life has been super busy lately!

First, let’s start off with the empties! First, I’ve used a couple of my Tony Moly masks. These masks are okay, I think I’ve kind of decided that I don’t particularly care for sheet masks. I don’t like having a physical object sitting on my face (and I can never get these in particular to stay on). I do really like that there is so much serum in these, so you could just apply them to the face with your fingers or a cotton round for more of a ‘sleeping mask’.


I also used up both of the Bath & Body Works Shower gels. I really enjoyed the Tahiti Island Dream scent the entire way through, but the Pretty As a Peach scent was tough to get through for some reason. As you can see in the picture below, there is a tad bit of product left. I just wanted to call it quits (lol). The last empty that I have is the Bath & Body Works body lotion in Pretty As a Peach. I kept this lotion on my desk at work so it took a little while to get through as a hand lotion but it did the trick, and I got through it.


On to the progress….This Bath & Body Works body spray in Lemon Pomegranate Cream seems to be never-ending! I’m glad that I keep making visible progress though, it’s very encouraging!


The last few untouched products are still just that….untouched. I really don’t even have much of an excuse other than it has been a very busy month. Masking and self tanning haven’t really been on the fore front of my mind.

Here is a quick list of all of the products:

  1. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream shower gel
  2. B&BW Pretty as a Peach shower gel
  3. B&BW Tahiti Island Dream shower gel
  4. B&BW Pretty as a Peach body lotion
  5. B&BW Pretty as a Peach 3x moisture lotion
  6. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream 3x moisture lotion
  7. B&BW Lemon Pomegranate Cream body mist
  8. Jergan’s Natural Glow body lotion
  9. Jergan’s Natural Glow face lotion
  10. Equate Healthy Glow moisturizer
  11. Nivea Creme
  12. Tom’s Fresh Apricot deodorant
  13. Secret Lavender deodorant
  14.  Thera Breath oral rinse
  15. Mary Kay Satin Hands set
  16. Tony Moly sheet masks (5)
  17. Freeman Peel-Off masks (2)

That’s all for this update! In my next update, I will be adding some new products to this project. Time to get the ball rolling! There are only 4 months left in the year!

What are you currently trying to use up? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading!

Shai ♥

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    1. Hey Selena! I have lip products in my project pan, my project use it up is for my regular beauty products. Lip products are so hard for me to go through, good job on one a month!!

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