Pan That Palette 2017 {Update #3}

Hello There!

This month wasn’t as productive as last month on this palette but I still made some progress. I didn’t hit any of my overly ambitious goals! I can’t feel bad about it though because I’ve been super busy with moving and I think I’ve worn makeup maybe a week all together out of the entire month.

To the left is update #3, to the right is update #2.

Looking at the pictures side by side, I’ve expanded the pans quite a bit. I’ve also worn more of a dip in the bottom left shade (Marvelous Mocha).  I made a goal to hit pan on Truly Taupe, but after using it a couple of times….it is terrible. There isn’t much pigment in this shade and I’m thinking of calling this shadow done.

My goals this upcoming month are to hit pan on Marvelous Mocha, and to finish any 2 of the already panned shades. I’d also like to work some of the greens into my looks….let’s see how it goes!

If you would like to swatches of this palette, click HERE. You can also check you my last few updates HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Thank you for reading!

Shai ♥

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