One Week, One Palette #2 {Naked 2 Update & Lookbook}

Hello there! 

My first week doing this challenge was a little shaky! It was difficult  for me to keep up with taking pictures of all of my looks like I wanted too (shame on me). I haven’t reached for this palette in so long and in the beginning of the week I was honestly feeling pretty uninspired. Most of the shades in this palette are pretty similar so from look to look, there wasn’t much variation. 

Towards the middle of the week, I started to take advantage of the shimmer shades and I ended up doing a few one shadow looks that were perfect for my work day! For these quick looks, I either used snakebite or chopper all over the lid with just mascara. This brought down the drama of the shimmer a little bit and made the shades a little more work appropriate.

Below are a couple looks I came up with, the first turned out a little muddy but I used Tease in the crease, Pistol on the lid, then Busted  the outer corner. For the other look I used Tease in the crease again, then Half Baked all over the lid.

All in all, this palette was great for easy work looks. I recommend a palette like this for a beginner or someone who doesn’t enjoy taking a lot of time to play in their makeup. The shades in the Naked 2 are easy to work with and you can’t go wrong with any color combination. 

What are your “go-to” looks for the Naked 2? Thank you so much for reading! 

Shai ♥️

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